Vacuum Handling Tool/真空吸筆

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Manufacturer: Chip Quik Inc.

Vacuum Handling Tool

How to Use

1. Select a tip with a rubber vacuum cup that is slightly smaller than

   the area at which you want to pick-and-place the part from. 

2. Push the vacuum cup, or vacuum cup and probe tip,
    snugly onto the end of the vacuum tool. 
3. Make sure that there is no dust on the rubber vacuum cup. Note: 
    if preferred, the rubber cups can be placed directly
    on the vacuum tool without using the straight or bent probes. 
4. Gently squeeze the vacuum tool bulb, 
    and place the soft rubber vacuum cup squarely onto
    the pick-and-place part, then relax the bulb.
    This will create a vacuum that will hold the part firmly. Note:
    it is normal for the vacuum created to slowly lose its strength over 30-60 seconds,
    so placing your part within this time is recommended. 
5. Move the part to where you want to place it, lower it to the board,
    then squeeze the bulb again to release the part. 

    Pick-and-place of metal, plastic,
    or any parts having a smooth non-porous top surface area that the rubber vacuum cup can
    seal against. For larger parts, use the larger vacuum cup.



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